In the process of planning your great Australian adventure, you’ve probably spent countless hours mapping out the routes you want to take and the places you want to visit. But have you decided whether you’re willing to put your personal vehicle through all of that? 

For many people, the answer is no. There is a degree of convenience that comes with taking your own vehicle on a trip, but there are also things like mileage and routine maintenance that you may not be as excited about. The risk of accidents is also a cause of concern for many who does not want to ruin their personal vehicles.

Rather than taking out a personal car for the trip, many people opt for renting instead. Of course, the choice is still up to you. Before you settle on your final decision, though, let’s discuss a few reasons you may want to rent a car instead of driving your own:

Your car is old and unreliable

If your personal car is not something you would take out to the countryside for fear of breaking down, renting a car may be the option for you. After all, you will probably be putting a few thousand kilometres on the engine and an old car may not be able to keep up. To ensure that you can drive free from the thought of breaking down in the middle of nowhere, renting a strong, reliable car is a good option.

You want to test drive a new car

If you have always wanted to drive a new car in hopes of purchasing it one day, renting it can give you a thorough feel of the new vehicle before making any further plans. Plus, getting to drive it as part of a road trip can really help you discover the pros and cons of the car, which is something you cannot do when taking a car out for a test drive at a dealership. In other words, renting a car is sort of a tiny investment to make to try out a new vehicle that will help you know whether it is the right vehicle for you.

You want to drive a cool car

Sometimes, you want to show off the car you are driving during a road trip. However, your vehicle may not cut it, and so renting one is the obvious solution here. Although you may find the rental cost to be slightly higher, we believe that it is more than worth it. Remember—you are on a trip, and you are treating yourself to a great experience. You cannot do that in a shoddy car that instils fear in you whenever you press the pedal. Rent the dream car for yourself, and drive around knowing you look awesome.


Apart from the above reasons, there are many other things to consider before deciding if you are better off renting a car rather than driving your own. Not having to worry about insurance, driving a sturdier vehicle, and a whole host of reasons are good arguments for renting a car instead of bringing your own. That being said, we will always implore you to research the rental providers you are going to work with. Always be sure to work with trustworthy and professional providers for the car you want. That way, it is guaranteed that the vehicle you pick is well maintained, that you are getting a great deal on a car that will serve as your home on wheels for the entirety of the trip!

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